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 Sandgate Yacht Club History

Most of the history of Sandgate Yacht Club has been taken from a document found in a filing cabinet in the SYC clubhouse. The author(s) is unknown. There is actually 2 documents, the first dated 1912 to 1960 which appears to have been written on a computer, perhaps in the 80's based on the fact that it has been printed on a dot matrix printer. The second document titled 1969-1985 has been typed on a typewriter, the date suggesting it was probably written circa 1985.

The history section of the history of Sandgate Yacht Club is a work in progress. We are continually seeking information on the history of SYC, and if you feel you can help by supplying photos, newspaper articles or even stories please contact the commodore Andrew Pearson. If you find any errors in the work that has been done please contact us also. As we move closer to the 100th anniversary of SYC it is important that we retain the history of club and where it came from.