Excelsior Cup – what a beautiful weekend!

It was a fantastic weekends sailing at Sandgate Yacht Club on the weekend. The club held the Excelsior Cup and were joined by 505’s, Sharpies and an International Canoe. Racing on Saturday was held in 12-15kt ESE breeze, while Sundays conditions were lighter with a 5-10 NE’er.

Lots of good spirit and close racing was had across the fleet.

Thanks to all the volunteers, starters, organisers, bar staff and a special thanks to the visitors for joining us.

Full race results can be found on our Events Page

Excelsior Cup weekend

Sandgate Yacht Club are holding racing for the Excelsior Cup this coming weekend. Originally scheduled as just 1 day, we have added Saturday racing to make this a 2 day event.

Warning signal for both days is planned for 13:00 and racing will be around-the-buoys, detailed at the race briefing.

Club Champs R5 & 6

Club Championships racing today at Sandgate. Races 5 & 6 were conducted in NE breeze of 10-15 kts.
Race 1 started in a firm 15kt NE’ly breeze and Effeffex OWNED the start with a port tack start at the pin end and crossed the fleet. Effeffex were still in the lead at the top mark closely followed by the rest of the fleet. A quick spinnaker set by SNAffU gave them the edge on the first of the reaching legs and they were able to hold this through to the finish. The minor placings were hotly contested through to the finish.
Race 2 started in slightly less breeze from further right than race 1. There were no port tacks starts this time! Early in race 2 the breeze dropped to around 10 knots and it was as patchy as a quilt. The favoured side varied from leg to leg. Marginal surfing conditions and tricky upwind course management made this a tough race for all.
Thanks to our volunteers and welcome to Connor and Ollie from Brownsea Water Activities Centre and welcome back our members that have been travelling aboard.
Next event is the Excelsior Cup 25th and 26th February.

Results from todays racing can be found here

Summer Series racing

The Handicapper has checked, double checked and rechecked the results and he still can’t his name to come out on top!

Actual conditions varied from the forecast a little on Sunday. The breeze was mostly NNE up to 15 kts and mostly fine. The RO sent the crews out for 3 races with 0.5mi windward legs on Olympic Triangle courses. All the crews agreed that it was an exhausting day but fun day on the water.

The next event is Club Championship racing on February 12. First warning signal is set for 13:00.

Results for Summer Series race 2, 3 and 4

King of Bramble Bay results

This weekend the club held the King of Bramble Bay Regatta. Breezes were from the east, 10-15 kts, cloudy and overcast on Saturday and partly cloudy Sunday.
Saturday 2 races were run on a triangle-sausage-triangle course. The breeze was more towards the 15kts but with some lulls under the wet clouds.
Today, the PRO set a long course of 13 miles in length. Starting from the Shorncliffe Jetty, then a windward to the Fisheries beacon, north to Otter Rock, then a long leg to Kedron Brook floodway/Nudgee Beach, then return to the jetty for the finish.
While Laurie on the International Canoe was a long way ahead, the Flying Fifteens were relatively close to each other after such a long race.
Thanks to the volunteers for running the races and we look forward to seeing you all again on 29 January for races 5 & 6 of the Summer Series.

Full results can be found here or on our Events page.

King of Bramble Bay Regatta

We hope you had a very enjoyable and safe Christmas and New Year. The SYC season continues into the new year with a 2 day regatta The King of Bramble Bay.

The weather forecast is looking spectacular with 12-18 kt SE forecast for Saturday and 10-15 kt SE forecast for Sunday.

We look forward to welcoming all off-the-beach craft to join SYC members sail on the Bay. Briefing 12:00, first warning signal 13:00.

Club Champs races 3 & 4

The last race day this year at Sandgate – this Sunday SYC will conduct Club Championships Races 3&4. First warning signal scheduled at 1100hrs.

High tide at 1121hrs of 2.36m.

Assistance always welcomed on the Start and Rescue boats if you’re not planning on sailing and can help out on the day.

Ted Rice Trophy Results

Given today’s forecast of possible thunderstorms and lightning, the PRO elected to run just 1 race for the Ted Rice Trophy. The race course was set in Bramble Bay in a ENE moderate breeze. 3 Flying Fifteens and 2 505’s took to the course to face the longer than normal course. Port end of the line was favoured and all competitors took advantage of this before settling into a long leg to the windward mark. The first of the reaching legs kept the boats pinned before running broad to the bottom mark. After 3 laps, first over the line was Ben and Charles in Mickey Occhi Blue, but after the handicapper had had his way, SNAffU was the victor.

All boats made it safely to shore before the rain and thunder set in.

Thanks to all the volunteers and competitors. We look forward to seeing you again on 11 December for episodes 3 & 4 of the Club Championships.

Results of todays racing can be found on the events page, or by clicking here.

Ted Rice Trophy

This Sunday 27th, Sandgate YC will conduct the Ted Rice Trophy. Warning Signal at 1200hrs and a high Tide of 2.56m at 12:03.

If available to assist on the Start or Rescue Boat, your attendance would be most appreciated.

If you’re needing crew to sail let me know and I’ll hopefully be able to assist.

Don’t forget we also have a Club boat available for hire.

Verdon Shield

Absolutely EPIC day on the water today! Up to 20 kts of NNE sea breeze was pumping with a reasonable swell to go with it. Summer is here!

7 boats took to the water to contest for the rescheduled Verdon Shield. 2 races were run with Triangle-Sausage-Triangle course set. The start was fairly square and breezes steady from the NNE-NE. Planing conditions on the reaches and runs made for some great surfing and fun down to the bottom mark. With 1 MOB event and a few retirements, the trophy this year was won by Bill and Dean on Effeffex.

Full results

The next race event is 27 November for the Ted Rice Trophy.

Verdon Shield rescheduled

Due to unforeseen circumstances the racing scheduled for this Sunday at SYC (Verdon Shield), has been postponed. A revised date will be announced in due course.

Although there is now no official club event on Sunday, there will however be a few boats heading out on the water for a social sail, training etc. The informal plan at this stage is to be on the water by 11:30. Feel free to join in.

Results – Club Championships races 1 & 2

The first races of this years Club Championship have been run in a 8-10 kt ENE-NE breeze on Bramble Bay. Most teams were at the club rigging their boats a lot earlier than normal and this allowed us time to catch up with some members we haven’t seen of for some time and welcomed some new ones. Racing began without delay on a triangle-windward-leeward-triangle course. Results can be found on the Events page.

The next race on the calendar is the Verdon Shield on 30 October.

Club Championships races 1 & 2

Sandgate Yacht Club is conducting races 1 and 2 of the Club Championship for season 22/23 this Sunday 16th October.

High tide of 2.03m is at 1335hrs – with a warning signal for race one at 1300hrs.

Assistance on the start boat and rescue boat always appreciated and welcomed.

Club members are reminded that the October meeting will take place at some stage after the day’s racing.

Merv Anderson Sprints – results

Nearly everyone had a race win, but some very good consistency won the Series for Neil and Graeme on Ffunnily Enuff. The conditions were variable NW-NNE from very light up to gusts of 10 knots with smooth water. Full results of yesterdays racing can be found here.

Good luck to all competitors travelling to Tin Can Bay for the Flying Fifteen Queensland State Championships being held October 1 & 2.

Next race at SYC will be the first of this seasons Club Championships on 16 October.

Merv Anderson Series

Merv Anderson Series of sprint races are to be run this Sunday (tomorrow) at SYC.

Warning signal for Start One at 1330hrs with a high tide of 1.90m at 1530.

Assistance always required and appreciated on the committee boats.

Season 2022/23 is OPEN!

Season 2022/23 is officially OPEN! Thanks all for attending. Special thanks to Councillor Jared Cassidy and Chaplain David Taylor for being part of annual festivities and taking time out of their busy schedules.

First event to kick off the season is Summer Series racing on 11 September with the warning signal for the first race scheduled for 10:00.

2022/23 Season opening day

Sandgate Yacht Club celebrates the opening of Sailing Season 2022/23 this Sunday. Boats assemble on the rigging lawn for the Blessing of the Fleet at 1200hrs;

Followed by a sailpast with a salute taken from the pontoon.

Festivities to follow in the afternoon upstairs in the Clubhouse. All welcome.

Final Winter Series Event

The final races of the Winter Series are being held this Sunday with the running of races 7 & 8.

The warning signal for race 7 at 1200hrs with high tide of 2m at 1112hrs.

Vacancies still available on the Start and Rescue boats for those interested in helping out.

Warwick Frostbite Regatta wrap-up

A great weekend was had in chilly Warwick. There was no Ice Boats division and no dry suits were used but getting in and out of the boats at the boat ramp was exciting! Most competitors had arrived by Friday and after rigging the boats gathered around the campfire for an exchange of stories and past victories.

Saturday morning the last few competitors arrived and there were some sore heads of those that over-indulged Friday night. The first of 3 races was started at 12:05 and the conditions were anything but stable. Getting a good start was critical and managing the fleet trumped worrying about the location of the breeze.

Sunday’s conditions were more settled with a 8-12kt SE’ly. There were areas of variable pressure and direction, but the fleet remained compressed and there were some very close finishes to keep the race officers on their toes.

A total of 7 boats attended the event – 2 from Sandgate, 2 from Tin Can Bay Yacht Club Inc., 1 from New England Sailing Club and 2 from Warwick Sailing Club. Competitors came from Armidale, Stanthorpe, Sunshine Coast Tin Can Bay, Beachmere and Brisbane. Positive feedback was received from all and thanks was extended to WSC for providing a tremendous venue to share.

Full results can be found here.
More photos when they become available.

Sunset Friday night

Sunset Saturday night

Frostbite Regatta NOR released

Notice of Race for the upcoming Frostbite Regatta all-boats regatta being held at Warwick Sailing Club on July 30 and 31 is now available here.

All classes are welcome (maybe even Iceboats!) to join in the racing on Leslie Dam. Following the positive feedback from the recent Haven Regatta we are expecting more Flying Fifteens and Lasers to enjoy the warm hospitality and facilities of the Warwick Sailing Club.

Winter series races 3 and 4

Races 3 & 4 of SYC’s Winter Series are being run this Sunday. First warning signal is scheduled for 1200hrs. High tide at 1157 of 1.73m.

Again, all welcome and any assistance on the start/rescue boat would be greatly appreciated.

Excelsior Cup

The Excelsior Cup will be sailed this Sunday at SYC. The series of races is scheduled with a warning signal for race one at 1200hrs. High tide of 1.79m at 1340hrs.

Any assistance given on the committee boats would be gratefully received.

Bramble Bay Shield

Thanks to Earle, Rilke, Chris and Ian for coming and racing with us on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day and that can be seen in some of Chris and Ian’s onboard footage here

The breeze was very light with oscillating shifts of around 20 degrees made it tricky sailing and kept the fleet close. The first race was 3 laps and lasted over an hour in very light conditions. The RO elected to shorten the second race of the day to a 1 lap triangle course and with a touch more breeze, this race was completed much quicker. Team Primate were called back after the start signal due to being over the line early by the slimmest of margins.

Full results for the day can be found here.

A reminder that the clubs AGM and trophy presentation will be held this coming Sunday 12 June with AGM starting at 11:00, followed by the seasons trophy presentation and lunch.

Excelsior Cup postponed

Unfortunately, the decision has been made to postpone tomorrow’s Excelsior Cup. The event will be resailed at a date to be confirmed, most likely in June.

Sorry to bring you this news, but we look forward to welcoming you again in the near future.

Excelsior Cup

This Sunday 22nd, Sandgate Yacht Club will conduct a series of races to determine the outcome for the Excelsior Cup.

Dependent on entry numbers received, provision will be made for separate divisions of fleets.

First Warning Signal is scheduled for 1330hrs. High tide of 1.70m at 1509hrs.

Entry fee is $15 and nominations will be taken at the Regatta Office between 1100 and 1200hrs. There will be a competitors briefing on the lawn in front of the Clubhouse around 1200hrs.

Entrants are reminded of the requirement for competing vessels to be fully insured for racing liability.

A presentation of trophy and prizes will take place after the day’s racing upstairs in the Clubhouse.

Notice of Race