Qld Flying Fifteen State Champs – Day 1

Day 1 of the Flying Fifteen State Championships has been run with 3 races in a 10-12 knot ENE breeze. Conditions were absolutely superb – clear skies, sparkling water and warm, but not hot.

Racing starts at 12:30 tomorrow in an effort to beat the stronger forecast winds and to help let or visitors get away sooner.

Race 1 results:
1st Sake
2nd Vera May
3rd Cool Bubbles
4th Up Ship Creek
5th SNAffU
6th Ffunnily Enuff
7th Soggy Sox
8th Flying Fandango
9th Think Big
10th Effeffex
11th Flying Fish
12th Secret 15

Race 2
1st Vera May
2nd Sake
3rd SNAffU
4th Cool Bubbles
5th Ffunnily Enuff
6th Up Ship Creek
7th Flying Fandango
8th Think Big
9th Effeffex
10th Flying Fish
11th Soggy Sox
12th Secret 15

Race 3
1st Sake
2nd Up Ship Creek
3rd Vera May
4th Cool Bubbles
5th SNAffU
6th Ffunnily Enuff
7th Think Big
8th Soggy Sox
9th Flying Fandango
10th Flying Fish
11th Effeffex
12th Secret 15

Race 2 start
Race 3 start