Racing events at Sandgate Yacht Club are normally run in conjunction with a high tide in the middle of the day.  Join the sailors, race officials and committee on the balcony of the clubhouse after racing for socialising and a pleasant view.

Club Championship

The Club Championship is the focus of the sailing season, with 8 races scheduled.  Entry is open to all members with off-the-beach and other suitable craft.  Race results are calculated using yardstick handicap system and 6 out of 8 results count towards the Champions trophy.


Summer Series

Summer Series events consists of 8 races.  Entry is open to all off-the-beach and other suitable craft.  Race results are calculated using a performance handicap system, to enable boats of different designs and crews of different skill levels to compete against each other without a need for boat measurements and measurement rules.


Winter Series

The latest event added to the Club’s calendar in 2017, the Winter Series is a great time to try out new systems, equipment and crew.  The weather and water temperature on Moreton Bay allows for year-round sailing.  A great way to keep your skills polished.  There are 5 race days scheduled with the number of races and the courses to be sailed decided on the day.  Race results are provided using a performance handicap system.


Other Events

A number of other events are offered throughout the season.

Sprint races consisting of short courses and a lot of starts.

Trailer Sailer Regatta for trailerable yachts.

State and National championships for many different classes of craft.

King of Bramble Bay Regatta and other events.

Visit the Events page to see all the details of events held for the upcoming season.