Sailing again on Sunday….. hopefully.

Hopefully we will be sailing on Sunday. The forecast winds and conditions are still looking strong. The race officers with the management committee are planning to look at the forecast conditions again tomorrow. There should be an update on the SYC webpage tomorrow.

Merv Anderson Sprints – Results

Here are the results for Merv Anderson Sprint Series from last weekend.

We are racing again this coming Sunday for the Bramble Bay Shield. First warning signal is scheduled for 12:00pm and the high tide is predicted to be 1.86m at 1:16pm. All boats are welcome to participate, but if you don’t have a boat you can assist managing the on-water events being part of the race officers team.

We are hoping to see a number of 505’s this weekend. A coaching and training session on Saturday followed by racing the Bramble Bay Shield on Sunday.

MASS (again!)

This coming Sunday was a spare day in the calendar for making lost days. We are going to try AGAIN (🙄) to run the Merv Anderson Sprint Series.

The timing for the first warning signal is early – 1000hrs – to complete at least 3 short races to add to the one race already sailed.

Summer Series Racing finale

The final races of 2019/20 Summer Series are to be run this Sunday.

First warning signal is scheduled for 1300hr and the high tide is predicted to be 1.86m at 1514hrs.

Last week saw only one race completed towards the Merv Anderson Sprints owing to the unsettled stormy weather – we’re looking forward to complete these sprints next week.

Hope to see you on the water Sunday, either racing or helping out on the start boats.

Merv Anderson Sprints

Today was the rescheduled Merv Anderson Sprints. 5 boats took to the water in overcast, although lovely sailing conditions.

Race 1 was started under a gentle NE breeze. Most boats started at the mid-pin end of the line with only one starting at the boat end. Unfortunately for SNAffU, a general recall was declared and all returned for another attempt. The second start got away cleanly and the laid course meant a strong starboard bias.

First over the line was the Sharpie, Patrick Kills Oysters, recently back from repairs in the boatshed, followed by SNAffU, Soggy Sox, Saffron, and Criss Cross.

The course was being adjusted before the second race start as a storm was rolling in. Before the second start, racing was cancelled for the day and all crews made it safely ashore before the storm hit. The remaining races/banter of the day were conducted in the clubhouse with some refreshments and lunch sponsored by the club.

Racing again next week.

Merv Anderson Sprint Series

Sunday is the rescheduled Merv Anderson Sprints. With an early start this week of 1000hrs to match high tide at 0945hrs.

This series combines short-course racing with starting and tactical practice.

Again, we request any assistance you might be able to offer our dedicated start crew.

Look forward to seeing as many as possible on the course in recognition of Merv’s contribution to sailing.

Club Championship races 1, 2 and 3

3 races were conducted today for the Club Championship. The races were conducted in NE sea breeze, and lumpy seas. The wind increased throughout the afternoon, starting in about 12 knots and closing out the day in 15+ knot winds. The sea state increased as the winds increased providing fun surfing conditions downwind.

Welcome to some new faces to the club and welcome back to returning crews from competing in regattas around the country. Today was the first events in the second half of the season and the first events for 2020. They were also the first the races for the 2019/20 Club Championship.

The course for race 1 was an Olympic triangle course, race 2 was a 3 lap windward-leeward and Rae 3 was another Olympic triangle course. (Results attached/following)

There will be more racing again next week – the club will be conducting the rescheduled Merv Anderson Sprint Series. This event’s plan is to have many races conducted on a short course to provide good practise for starts and close mark roundings. We hope to see you there.

Results for today’s racing can be found by clicking here.

Club Championship racing

Sandgate Yacht Club starts the second half of the 2019/20 season this coming Sunday with a 3-race programme for the Club Championship.

High tide at 1454hrs and 1.80m with the first Warning Signal of the day at 1200hrs.

All boats welcome. If you can assist the Starters or want get involved in any way then please make contact and you would be much appreciated.

All systems go

It’s been a busy start to the year with National Championships and other regattas taking place around the country. Check out our Facebook page for news and updates, just like this one:

That’s not sailing! How about 50 knot squalls in a 505 dinghy?!?! Spare a thought for the 5-0 sailors and all the other sailors competing in the Sail Melbourne Regatta today.

Here is an update from ex Commodore, Lindsay Gilbert competing in the 505 National Championships which is forming part of the Sail Melbourne Regatta.

“We started with challenging conditions during the invitation race and first day of the regatta proper, and with 25 + knots and big seas. Today and yesterday were perfect conditions.

Sailing back to the club today most of the fleet was hit by a dramatic rain/hail storm. Fortunately however we did not get the 50 knot squal the BoM had warned about.

Chris and Ian Gregg have completed all races and look like maintaining their postion at the top of the Queensland contingent.

Mike Holt and Rob Woelfel – multiple world champions from the USA, have a grip on first place with only Robin Deussen and David Snoad from SA able to take any races off them.

Three races and plenty of fun to go”.

Good Luck Richard and Lindsay and to all the QLD competitors.

Merry Christmas!!

Now that racing for 2019 has concluded at SYC, there just remains a Christmas get-together barbecue at the Clubhouse this Sunday 22nd around 1100hrs. There’s plenty of meat to throw on the barbie and there will also be rolls and salads (for the weirdos!)

Also happening this week, VMR Brisbane Inc is hosting a Carol’s night with the Food Trucks at the base this Friday from 1700hrs with an appearance for the young ones of Santa around 1930hrs. Everyone is welcome to attend this Council organised event.

To all members and friends – the SYC Executive wishes you and your families the very best for the festive Season. Stay safe and we will see you again in the new year.

Ted Rice Shield

The last race day for 2019 is on this coming Sunday (15th) and sees us conducting the Ted Rice Shield.
Warning signal for Race 1 is scheduled for 1200hrs.

We are still looking for another volunteer on the starter/rescue crew. If you are able to help, please let us know.

Final Summer Series races

Racing again this Sunday to complete the Summer Series events.

There has been some changes to the program to allow cancelled events to be rescheduled. Please check each events details as start times have changed etc.

Racing for the Verdon Shield cancelled (or maybe postponed?) due to the forecast strong wind warning current for the race area. It was good to see so many boats being rigged in the yard.

Next event is the Flying Fifteen International – Queensland State Championships 2 and 3 November.

Look forward to seeing all our friends from afar in a few weeks.

Verdon Shield

All-boats fleet racing again this Sunday for the Verdon Shield. For Flying Fifteen crews this is the last chance to test out the race course before the Flying Fifteen Queensland State Championships being held 2-3 November.

First warning signal is scheduled for 1200hrs. We have booked a high tide of 2.11m at 1344hrs. See you Sunday!

King of Bramble Bay Regatta

Congratulations to Son and Father combination, Chris and Ian Gregg for winning this years regatta. Last year they were runners up by 1 point to Earle Alexander. This year Earle was runner up.

Thanks to all the visitors who travelled to sail with us this weekend. We hope you enjoyed your experience and look forward to welcoming you again soon. Best wishes to those teams that had a tough time on Saturday. We hope you and your boats recover quickly and come again soon.

A big thanks to Earle Alexander for again graciously sharing his knowledge and experience to other competitors, not just the 5-0’s. We always enjoy having you around the club and look forward to welcoming you back again soon.

Full results can be found by clicking here.

Flying Fifteen State Championships

Sandgate Yacht Club are proud to host this year’s Flying Fifteen Queensland State Championship to be held on the waters of Bramble Bay. The event will be held over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of November and we look forward to catching up with our friends from Tin Can Bay Yacht Club and beyond. The Notice of Race has been emailed to all FFIA-Q members and also contains the entry form for the event.

If you would like to join in the fun, there are a number of charter boats available and the race committee can always use an extra set of hands. Please contact the club for further information.

Final Winter Series racing

The last day of the Winter Series is being held at SYC this coming Sunday. It’s been a close series so far and with a number of crews all contending for the overall win. Another light day is predicted and will test the crews.

High tide at 1105hrs of 1.80m. 1200hrs for the first Warning Signal.

Again, any assistance on the start boats would be greatly appreciated.

Winter Series racing – Day 4

It was another beautiful day and great to see so many boats on the water with the Vintage Yacht Regatta being conducted at the same time. Results from yesterdays racing in event day 4 of the Winter Series and current series standings after 9 races can be found on the Events page, or by clicking here..

The final race day of the Winter series is being run on the 18th August.

Winter Series Racing

Day 4 of SYC’s 5 event Winter Series takes place this Sunday 4th August. First Warning Signal at 1200hrs to coincide with high tide. Again if anyone would like to volunteer their time to assist the starters please send us a message.

Winter Series racing – Day 3

Very light conditions on the water today testing the crews. 3 races were conducted, the first race being in a very light breeze. The breeze filled in slowly to about 8 knots in the last race.

It was great to see some new faces and some members on the water we have not seen for a little while. Many thanks to Peter and Tom for conducting the races.

Next race day is day 4 of the Winter Series, August 4.

Results can be found on the Events page, or by clicking here.

Transpac and PAC Cup races

Currently underway is the Transpac Yacht Race which starts in California and finishes in Hawaii, a race of more than 2000 nautical miles. It is run every 2 years and in the years in-between the PAC Yacht Club holds the Pacific Cup, also known as the “Fun race to Hawaii”.

3 Years ago, the then Commodore, Lindsay Gilbert took part in this epic journey and graciously wrote an account of his experience. Unfortunately this was never published, until now.

Many thanks to Lindsay for taking the time to write this piece. I really enjoyed reading this and hope all our friends do too.

2016 PAC Cup Race – Lindsay Gilbert

Winter Series – Day 2

The second race day for this years Winter Series is scheduled for Sunday. First warning signal is due at 12:00. All off-the-beach boats are welcome.

If you are wanting to get out on the water but not necessarily race, these events would be suitable as we have a rescue boat on the water. Just sign on and discuss your intentions with the crew.

Winter Series – Day 1

A lovely day on the water yesterday, although a little cool. The first event of the Winter Series was held and the Race Officers conducted 3 shorter length races providing good practise of starts and mark roundings among other boats.

Prior to setting out onto the water, the crews abandoned the club for a short while to help assist a member to move his boat under construction. We are all looking forward to the Christening!

On the race course, the breeze started SSW and moved throughout the day to SE. With the SSW winds coming off the shore there were variations in strength and direction. In race 1, Relience 17 and SNAffU were declared a dead heat, too close for the race officers to declare a difference. Race 2 was again closely fought between these 2 crews, but Race 3, Relience 17 had the upper hand from the starting hooter.

Next race day is day 2 of the Winter Series, July 7.

Results can be found on the Events page, or by clicking here.

2018/19 Season finale