Merv Anderson Sprints

Today was the rescheduled Merv Anderson Sprints. 5 boats took to the water in overcast, although lovely sailing conditions.

Race 1 was started under a gentle NE breeze. Most boats started at the mid-pin end of the line with only one starting at the boat end. Unfortunately for SNAffU, a general recall was declared and all returned for another attempt. The second start got away cleanly and the laid course meant a strong starboard bias.

First over the line was the Sharpie, Patrick Kills Oysters, recently back from repairs in the boatshed, followed by SNAffU, Soggy Sox, Saffron, and Criss Cross.

The course was being adjusted before the second race start as a storm was rolling in. Before the second start, racing was cancelled for the day and all crews made it safely ashore before the storm hit. The remaining races/banter of the day were conducted in the clubhouse with some refreshments and lunch sponsored by the club.

Racing again next week.